My Favorite Books for Boaters

Antarctic Oasis: Under the Spell of South Gerogia by Tim and Pauline Carr

The Arts of The Sailor “knotting, splicing, and ropework with 101 illustrations” by Hervey Garrett Smith or the larger format, project-oriented The Marlinspike Sailor also by Hervey Garrett Smith

Sailors & Sauerkraut “excerpts from the journals of Captain Cook’s expeditions all pertaining to food with recipes to match” by Barbara Burkhardt, Barrie Angus McLean, Doris Kochanek

Northwest Marine Weather from the Columbia River to Cape Scott is written by Jeff Renner. This book offers guidelines for field forecasting and explanations of our weather patterns.  I found it very readable and useful.

The Complete Sailor Learning the Art of Sailing by David Seidman   I’ve read many books, and I pick this one out for the best overview of all the skills and aspects of having a boat and sailing it. Each chapter is a whole other book and I have my favorite for each, but this would be a great way to get started along the scope of the topics.

A Hawaiian Life Da Stories from George Kahumoku, Jr., one of Hawai’i’s best-loved musicians and an honest and straightforward man. I was a hula practitioner for 10 years, Halau Hula O Na Mauna Komohana. My favorite quote about Hawaiians, from Keola Beamer: “We don’t eat until we’re full, we eat until we’re tired.”

Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation by David Burch Written for use by paddlers, this book develops your judgement and simplifies tasks. The “guidelines” sections will improve understanding of currents and tides, charts and the handheld compass. Examples are for Washington State cruising areas. There’s information about using natural ranges and approaching the shoreline that I never read elsewhere. Give it look if you find it.

Make: Electronics “Learning by Discovery” Charles Platt It’s an O’Reilly book, so of course it is wonderful. This is not marine electronics, but really helpful for the physical tasks that are “assumed” in the Marine electronics books. “A hands-on primer for the new electronics enthusiast”. Work through the projects, visit Radio Shack a lot, and you too will be better prepared to install that new boat gadget on your boat, and maybe even talk with the Blue Sea engineers in full sentences. Next, go to the library and get Nigel Calder’s book or the 12-volt bible.

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