Some tools I’ve discovered recently…

There are some tools I’ve only recently found and I do sometimes give up on tools that have proven difficult.

Here’s one I made: a threaded bar with several wide thick washers and nuts on each end becomes a press for inserting a sleeve (cutlass) bearing. A wrench holds one end and turns the other. Grease between the two washers will prevent it from turning on the face of the bearing.

One I’ve seen but didn’t think would be useful:  the flexible socket wrench extension. I placed it under the engine’s distributor,  reaching in to a very corroded water jacket side plate bolt. It turned with good strength to remove the bolt without removing the distributor. I didn’t realize it would be so strong.

Irwin bolt extractor sockets. I used these on the infamous Atomic4 corroded engine bolts. They were non-destructive and very efficient. And they look so pretty, like little flowers.

I also used a strap wrench for the first time. It held the engine output coupling to immobilize the shaft while I worked on removing bolts. But now I realize it is a better tool for removing fuel filters and holding on to other things as well.

I’ve added to my toolbox a small high-quality Knipex pliers wrench which has a push-button adjustment.

I had a common set of nutdrivers on board and use them all the time, but I never reach for the right one. So I’m giving up on them and using a socket set on a quick-change nut driver handle instead. I’ll have the whole set in a compact space so it can be placed next to my work.

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