Preparing for the 2019 boating season: rope wash and inspection day.

The Ashley Book of Knots and a few of the ropes that serve S V Pinga… be prepared for washing.


The big cover goes on, gear comes off, Winter projects begin!

I have pulled most everything off S V Pinga’s deck and placed the Big Gray Cover. While I did replace the temp gauge and sensor, there is not much to do until Boating Season 2019. So I started on the projects done at home over the winter. Here’s a photo of the new sail cover in progress.

Sunbrella sail cover at the sewing machine.

Sunbrella sail cover at the sewing machine.

I sew on an ordinary Brother machine from Walmart. This requires complete management of the weight of the piece above all else, but also change the needle often, thread the machine and wind the bobbin perfectly, and match the thread, needle, and pressure to each other. Before every run I test on a small bit of fabric just in case things have gone astray.

Happy holidays!

Unexpected temperature gauge readings…

Oh so funny… read so much information about how gauges work: tested the gauge, the sensor, inspected the wire… couldn’t understand why my SW Water Temp gauge seemed erratic… and then the needle and post just fell off.

Our food tour of the islands!

Walked by a farm stand of heirloom tomatoes on North Pender Island, near Hope Bay.

Found a beautiful selection of Salt Spring Island Cheeses in the Thrifty Foods store, Ganges.

Butchart Gardens: two special desserts and our dinners. One of the best dinners I’ve ever had, and mine was vegetarian.

But what about the last photo, a simple pasta meal I served on S V Pinga? It is my recent discovery of the Barilla Pronto penne — one pan, no strainer — it cooks in a small amount of water quickly and perfectly. The Pronto products make pasta dishes possible without a steamed up galley and without a big pot of boiling water to strain off.


S V Pinga rides best stern to mooring ball: Ewing Cove (Sucia)

S V Pinga in Ewing Cove, tied stern to mooring ball

S V Pinga in Ewing Cove, tied stern to mooring ball

Ready and improved: new paint, new winches, and more!

S V Pinga is ready for the season of fun on the water. She has new jib sheets, halyards, cockpit paint, spark plugs, self-tailing winches, and a rebuilt carburetor! Whew, I’ve been busy.

The painting was the worst task I’ve done yet, requiring endless prep and mess, but yielding “average” results. Petit EZpoxy semigloss white goes on pretty EZ. The hardest part was removing the Barient 22 primary winches, so once those were gone I treated myself to new Lewmar Self-tailing winches. Our first sail of the season on Mother’s Day was their test run… there was little wind, but I think they are a big improvement. These winches arrived with “one-touch” quick-release handles.

It made me nervous to approach the deck with a drill in hand, as it did to remove and rebuild the carb. I just followed the video available from Moyer Marine. The stubborn engine wouldn’t start but after the rebuild she roared to life. I also did the usual spring “tune up” stuff.

TIP: Throw out the goop sealants and get good butyl tape! No mess, no curing, no problem. Warm it up and work it slowly.


Her new panel is in (and all else that goes with it).

S V Pinga’s new “switched, house” DC distribution panel in finished and in place, with lots of Blue Sea stuff in the cubby behind. I have very nice labels from Blue Sea, but for a few days I will enjoy this sleek label-free look. They make custom labels, so I can have Warp Speed. I had to learn a bit about working with plastic… not over tightening and drilling holes incrementally and such. This is what happens after you buy fancy new crimpers I guess. The “old” photos are in the previous post.

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